New Year, New Health & Safety Resolutions

As 2021 kicks off and a new semester begins, many states are reinstating lockdowns and releasing new COVID-19 health requirements. Whether your institution is returning to campus or resuming remote or hybrid coursework, it is important to update, implement, and communicate health and safety protocols, such as daily symptom screening and COVID testing resources. The pandemic has also increased the prevalence of mental health issues in campus communities, so now is a valuable time to share relevant resources so that students, faculty, and staff know where to turn if they are struggling.

As your partner in safety and security, LiveSafe is committed to keeping your institution healthy and safe this new year. Our integration with Vector Solutions has further expanded our compliance, safety, and prevention offerings and made us even better equipped to support your community. Vector’s SafeColleges brand provides award-winning education and training specifically designed for higher education faculty, staff, and students.

Use this Toolkit to review relevant resources and prepare your faculty, staff, and students for a successful spring semester.

Safety Tools

4 Ways to Use LS for MH EDU (1)

4 Ways to Use LiveSafe for Mental Health Handout helps your community understand the ways they can use LiveSafe to access resources, seek mental health support, and share concerns about friends or other community members who are struggling.

Share this handout with LiveSafe users so they are prepared to use the mobile app to support their mental health and the mental health of those around them.

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Health Infographic EDU (1)

Campus Illness Infographic presents information about campus illness spread and how to stay healthy.

Share the infographic on social media or other university communication channels to build awareness in your community.

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WorkSafe Video Image

WorkSafe – How it Works Video provides an overview of LiveSafe’s COVID-19 solution to help your school prepare for a safe and healthy new year.

Learn more about WorkSafe offerings, including custom daily health surveys, COVID-19 tools, and other resources to protect your students and university operations.

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Fairfield COVID Use Case

COVID-19 Use Cases provide real, relevant examples of LiveSafe use during the pandemic that will resonate with your community.

Discuss examples of LiveSafe usage and encourage students and faculty to report similar incidents using the LiveSafe Mobile App. Use cases include:

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Calculated Risk White Paper Cover

Calculated Risk: Returning to Campus in the Age of COVID-19 White Paper and Prevention Podcast explore how some colleges and universities plan to return to school, the capabilities and best practices that factored into their risk calculations, and how COVID-19 has impacted the role of university risk managers and public safety officials.

Read the white paper and listen to the prevention podcast to learn about how other colleges and universities are preparing to reopen their campuses in the fall and manage the COVID-19 risks to their students, faculty, and staff.

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MH Struggles Infographic EDU

Mental Health Awareness Infographic informs your community about the signs and symptoms of mental health concerns and reminds them to seek support if they or someone they know is struggling.

Share this handout with students to raise awareness of mental health concerns on campus. 

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Tips to Protect Your Institution with LiveSafe

LiveSafe Product SHot
  1. Share instructions and tips for downloading and using the LiveSafe app on campus communications channels to remind faculty, staff, and students of their critical role in reporting suspicious activity and safety and security incidents.

  2. Send Broadcast messages to remind faculty, staff, and students about new health and safety policies and notify them of any changes to campus operations.

  3. Remind your community that even if campus is closed or operating remotely, students, faculty, and staff can always access resources and/or seek assistance via the LiveSafe app, regardless of their location.

  4. Use geofencing to provide location-specific messages to different groups, such as alerting students living on or near campus about local COVID-19 updates and testing resources.

  5. Encourage students, faculty, and staff to use the LiveSafe mobile app to access mental health resources, whether it be for themselves, a friend, or classmate.