Drive Downloads & Usage

Effective community-sourced risk intelligence is dependent upon user engagement. As your institution focuses on incident prevention, your students, faculty, and staff need to know when and how to use the LiveSafe platform.

ZDNet, a leading business technology news site, reports that Americans spend an average of 5.4 hours on their mobile phones each day. In addition, Americans check their phones 96 times daily, according to new research by tech care company Asurion. Although we use our mobile phones now more than ever, it’s not to make phone calls – it’s for the apps. With LiveSafe’s risk mitigation capabilities, it is not just “another app” on your phone; even if your students, faculty, and staff are learning or working from home, they can use LiveSafe to report safety and security incidents, access relevant policies and procedures, and keep your institution safe and healthy.

Use this toolkit to drive downloads and engagement or increase LiveSafe usage at your institution.

Safety Tools

Custom LS Video Image

Purchase a custom-branded LiveSafe video to reach a broader audience and build awareness. If you are interested in a customized video for your institution, contact your account manager for more information.

Post your branded video on social media or include in newsletters to students.

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LS Comms Calendar EDU

LiveSafe Communications Calendar lists common K-12 and Higher Ed events and awareness months.

Create a communications and social media plan for each event or awareness month discussing how LiveSafe can help your community stay safe.

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LiveSafe EDU Comms Best Practices

Communications Best Practices Infographic provides guidelines and tactics to help you best communicate with your community.

Include this infographic in training materials for anyone responsible for developing user-facing materials or language.

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LiveSafe App Blog Image

“Why More Companies Are Using Risk Intelligence Communication Platforms” blog describes the power of risk intelligence platforms such as LiveSafe and how more companies are employing these platforms to effectively communicate and mitigate risk.

Share this article with LiveSafe Dashboard Administrators and university leadership to spread knowledge about the value of LiveSafe’s risk mitigation capabilities.

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Tips to Protect Your Institution with LiveSafe

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  1. Host contests on social media, i.e. “the first 100 students to download LiveSafe will receive…” to increase student adoption. (Note: please follow all guidelines set by your organization when running a promotion.)

  2. Send regular broadcast messages to keep students, faculty, and staff in the know about campus events and to build awareness of LiveSafe features. Reminder: broadcasts can be sent via the LiveSafe app, text message, or email.

  3. Leverage or use LiveSafe features in students’ daily activities, i.e. to share reminders and relevant information about sporting events, school notices and announcements, fire drills, etc. Example events can be seen in the LiveSafe Communications Calendar. 

  4. Share reminders to download and use LiveSafe on social media sites before big social events like Homecoming, Welcome Week, and Halloween.

  5. Remind your community that even if campus is closed or operating remotely, students, faculty, and staff can always access resources and/or seek assistance via the LiveSafe app, regardless of their location.