Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This is a valuable time to remind your employees of the pervasiveness of sexual violence and the measures they can take to prevent and address it in your organization. Sexual assault and harassment impact people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, professions, and ages. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), one in two women and one in five men will experience some form of violent sexual contact in their lifetime. Unfortunately, sexual assault and related crimes like sexual harassment and rape are often not reported.

As a result of the pandemic, some employees may be living at home with an abuser and at a higher risk for sexual violence, while others may be grappling with prior trauma. Additionally, as employees increasingly rely on online operations and communication channels, including social media platforms, they may face online harassment. LiveSafe is here to help.

Whether your employees are working in person, online, or a hybrid, the threat of sexual assault and harassment remains. This Sexual Assault Awareness Month, use this Toolkit to build awareness and to reduce the risk of sexual violence and its repercussions in your organization.

Safety Tools


Stand Up to Sexual Assault Infographic visualizes the eye-opening statistics about sexual violence and harassment in our communities.

Share this infographic on social media sites and organization communication channels to build awareness around these issues and resources available for employees who are victims of sexual violence or harassment.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Poster provides important information regarding sexual assaults in the workplace. college campuses and at schools.

Share this poster with employees to build awareness of the resources available to your organization. Although the office may be closed, the need for resources remains.

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Sexual Assault Download Posters help reach employees with targeted messaging on sexual assault prevention and how LiveSafe can help.

Share this poster with employees by hanging it in common spaces and sharing it on internal communication channels.

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“At Your Own Risk: The Costly Mistake of Ignoring Sexual Harassment & Assault In The Workplace” White Paper discusses the cost of ignoring sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

Read and share the Sexual Assault Reporting White Paper and identify how your company can further prevent workplace sexual violence. 

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Tips to Protect Your Workplace with LiveSafe

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  1. Share information with employees about how LiveSafe can be used to report incidents of sexual assault and harassment. Even if employees are working from home, they can report incidents of sexual violence, sexual harassment, cyber bullying, etc.

  2. Emphasize anonymity for tips on sensitive issues like sexual assault. Support and resources can still be provided to anonymous reporters.

  3. Include any sexual assault policies or procedures and important contact information, i.e.  Security, Health Resources, Legal, Business Support Groups, etc. in the Resources section of LiveSafe Mobile App.

  4. Use two-way chat to provide resources or collect additional information, even if the reporter wishes to remain anonymous and not file an official report.