Be Prepared for Protests and Large Gatherings

Protests and large gatherings create a sense of community, purpose, and voice. They can also pose safety and security risks to your academic community such as physical injuries, property damage, and other disruptions. COVID-19 has increased the complexity of keeping everyone safe during protests and large gatherings. LiveSafe can help your community overcome the safety and security challenges with protests and large gatherings while respecting people’s right to peacefully protest. 

Use this LiveSafe Toolkit to help your academic community stay safe during protests and large gatherings.

Safety Tools

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“How to Send Broadcast” Video teaches Dashboard Administrators how to send broadcast messages to users via LiveSafe App step-by-step. 

Share this training video with LiveSafe Dashboard Administrators so they are prepared to send broadcast messages to your community. 

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LiveSafe’s Broadcast Messaging Overview provides answers to several frequently asked questions regarding the creation and distribution of broadcast messages. 

Read up on LiveSafe’s Broadcast Messaging capability. Clear, timely, and accurate information is critical to keeping your students, faculty, and staff informed and safe with broadcast messages.

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4 Ways to Use LS During Protests EDU (1)

4 Ways to Use LiveSafe During Protests and Large Gatherings helps you understand all the ways you can use LiveSafe to keep your community safe during protests and large events.

Share this handout with LiveSafe Administrators or Operators so they are prepared to use LiveSafe during protests and large gatherings to keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

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Back to School Higher ED

LiveSafe Back-to-School Solution Briefs provide an overview of LiveSafe’s return-to-school solution, WorkSafe, and how it can help your school get back up and running.

Learn more about WorkSafe and how it can help your school with mobile custom health screening, COVID-19 tools, and other resources to protect students, faculty, and staff.

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Tips to Protect Your Workplace with LiveSafe

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  1. Use geofencing to provide targeted messages to your community based on geography. For example, if a particular part of campus or area within a city is impacted by a protest or large gathering, send a geofenced broadcast message to speak directly to users who are in that area. Note: users must have their location services enabled to receive a geofenced broadcast message. 

  2. Evaluate any existing protest or large gathering protocols and procedures to determine if they can be updated to improve protections for your community. If your organization does not have a plan for how to manage or respond to protests or large gatherings, create a communications and response plan to keep your community safe. 

  3. Remind users of the various ways they can use LiveSafe during a protest or large event to stay safe, like Report Incidents, Report Suspicious Behavior, and two-way chat with Campus Security. 

  4. Incorporate WorkSafe into your organization’s return to school plans. Visit the WorkSafe website or reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions about how WorkSafe can help your organization get employees and students back to campus or school safely with Health Surveys and Check-Ins, COVID-19 Questions and Resources, and other core LiveSafe features.