Preparing for Election Day

With Election Day around the corner, schools must prepare for large groups gathering to vote or protest in their communities. In addition to wondering where to vote, students and faculty may be in need of advice on how to stay safe on Election Day. COVID-19 has increased the importance and complexity of keeping everyone healthy and informed. LiveSafe can help your community overcome the safety and security challenges that events such as Election Day can present.

Use this LiveSafe toolkit to help your academic community stay safe during Election Day.

Safety Tools


“How to Send Broadcast” Video teaches Dashboard Administrators how to send broadcast messages to users via the LiveSafe App step-by-step. 

Share this training video with LiveSafe Dashboard Administrators so they are prepared to send broadcast messages to your community.

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Back to School K-12

Sample Broadcast Messages enable you to stay connected with students and faculty through quick, easy communications about polling stations, potential crowds or protests, and changes to campus schedules and building access.

Tailor the sample messages or create your own to keep your community informed and safe on Election Day.

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4 Ways to Use LS During Protests EDU (2)

4 Ways to Use LiveSafe During Protests and Large Gatherings helps you understand all the ways you can use LiveSafe to keep your community safe during protests and large events.

Share this handout with LiveSafe Administrators or Operators so they are prepared to use LiveSafe during protests and large gatherings to keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

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Report Incident How To

“Report Incident” How-To Flyer teaches users how to report safety and security concerns using LiveSafe.

Share this flyer with students, faculty, and staff so they are able to quickly and easily report crowds, protests, or health regulation violations.

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Tips to Protect Your Institution with LiveSafe

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  1. Use geofencing to provide targeted messages to your community members based on their location. For example, send a geofenced Broadcast to communicate directly with students who are near a polling place or protest. Use these messages to advise students of safety concerns, remind them of COVID-19 best practices, and inform them if regular activities have been rescheduled or altered due to Election Day protocols. Note: users must have their location services enabled to receive a geofenced broadcast message. 

  2. Particularly if there is a polling place on or near your campus, create a plan for how to inform your community about Election Day information and protest management. Share communications using Broadcast or upload policies to the Resources section of the LiveSafe Mobile App.

  3. Remind users of the various ways they can use LiveSafe to stay safe during large gatherings, like Report Incidents, Report Suspicious Behavior, Safewalk, and two-way chat with Campus Security. 

  4. Update your Safety Map to include information about nearby polling stations and safety resources such as fire stations and hospitals. Campus-specific locations can also be added, such as blue lights, trauma kits, and AED locations.