National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. As the school year wraps up, now is a valuable time to remind students, faculty, and staff of the safety resources available to them both on- and off-campus. Whether your community is learning and teaching on campus or operating remotely, LiveSafe features like Report Incident, SafeWalk, Safety Map, and Broadcast Messaging can help prevent safety and security incidents and keep your community informed and safe.

Use this LiveSafe Toolkit to provide your academic community with relevant resources and best practices and to maintain a safe learning environment for all.

Safety Tools

NSM Download Posters EDU

National Safety Month Download Posters help reach students with powerful and targeted messaging on safety topics that resonate with the current stressful learning environment.

Share these posters in common spaces on campus and on social media to demonstrate how LiveSafe can help students stay safe. Even if students are not on campus, they may still be experiencing safety threats at home or suffering from prior assaults and incidents. 

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Report Incident How To (1)

How To Report an Incident Handout and Video teaches users how to submit tips like Mental Health, Facilities, or Harassment through the LiveSafe App step-by-step.

Share this handout and video with your students, faculty, and staff so they are confident with how to submit a tip in the event they need to. 

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How to Use LiveSafe During COVID-19 EDU

How To Use LiveSafe During the COVID-19 Pandemic Handout provides an overview of how students, faculty, and staff can use LiveSafe in the current environment no matter where they are.

Share this handout with your community via your preferred communication channel so everyone knows how to use LiveSafe while learning and teaching at school or remotely.

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Duke Suspicious Person Use Case

LiveSafe Safety Use Cases provide real client examples of LiveSafe use that will resonate with your community.

Share these use cases with LiveSafe administrators to remind them of the many ways that the LiveSafe app can be used to facilitate community safety.

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Title IX Webinar Image

Prioritizing Prevention in a Compliance-Driven Environment Webinar discusses how to proactively facilitate strategies and garner support for higher education violence prevention. It features Alison Kiss Dougherty, a nationally recognized subject-matter expert in Title IX and the Clery Act.

Share this webinar recording with relevant institution leadership to help them learn about regulatory requirements, proactive prevention, and relevant case studies.

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Tips to Protect Your Institution with LiveSafe

LiveSafe Product SHot
  1. Send regular broadcast messages to keep students, faculty, and staff in the know and engaged with the LiveSafe platform. When appropriate, include direct links to resources for easy access. Reminder: broadcasts can be sent via LiveSafe app push notification, text message, or email.

  2. Empower school leaders and faculty members to check in with students to ensure that everyone is taking care of their physical and mental well-being, even during summer break. Encourage community members to submit tips if they are facing concerns like physical or sexual abuse and harassment, cyberbullying, mental health concerns, or drug and alcohol abuse. 

  3. Remind students, faculty, and staff in Broadcast messages or other school communications that they can still seek help through LiveSafe using Report Incident, Report Suspicious Activity, SafeWalk, and Resources, while away from campus or throughout the summer.