Preparing for a Safe Return to Work

Safely returning to the workplace and adapting to ever-changing health guidance requires significant effort and planning. As you continue or prepare for in-person operations and Q3 planning, maintaining workforce health and safety and abiding by federal and local COVID-19 guidelines are key priorities.

As your partners in safety and security, LiveSafe is here to support your efforts to keep your organization safe and healthy. Use this LiveSafe Toolkit to help your employees and staff feel prepared and informed while getting back to work.

Safety Tools


LiveSafe Onboarding Guide outlines how to access and download the free LiveSafe Mobile App on your smartphone.

Share the onboarding guide to help your workforce get started with the LiveSafe app in a few quick, easy steps.

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Recent LiveSafe Blogs discuss health and safety guidance, return-to-work considerations for both in-person and remote businesses, and how LiveSafe can support your organization’s health and safety.

Share these blogs with relevant team leaders and/or employees to improve their understanding of return-to-work considerations and LiveSafe’s safety tools.

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Return to Work Sample Broadcast Messages enable you to stay connected with employees through quick, easy communications about return-to-work considerations.

Tailor the sample messages or create your own to keep your community informed and safe as your return to work.

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How to Report Incident Tk Cover Image

“How To Report an Incident” Video and Handout teaches users how to submit tips like Assault/Abuse, Mental Health, or Harassment through the LiveSafe App step-by-step.

Share the video and handout with your employees so they confidently understand how to submit a tip in the event that they need to.

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Workplace Awareness & Safety Use Cases provide real client examples of LiveSafe use that will resonate with your workforce.

Discuss examples of LiveSafe usage and encourage employees to report anything similar on the LiveSafe App. Examples:

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Updated COVID Checklist Tk Image

COVID Return-to-Work Checklist provides step-by-step guidance based on OSHA’s recent 11-point return-to-work recommendations for employers.

Share this checklist with relevant HR and security team members to ensure that your organization remains OSHA compliant and is exercising safe reopening practices.

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Tips to Protect Your Workplace with LiveSafe

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  1. Send a Broadcast message to employees explaining how your organization is protecting employees from both COVID-19 and more traditional safety risks such as workplace assault, injury, and theft. Introduce them to or remind them about the LiveSafe app and how it can keep them safe.

  2. Post instructions to download the LiveSafe app and additional supporting resources on internal company websites. Remind your workforce that they can use LiveSafe to stay informed and safe, whether they are working in person or remotely. 

  3. Include downloading the LiveSafe app on onboarding materials for new employees and staff. Consider including LiveSafe tutorial videos and supporting resources for new employees to access.

  4. Customize the LiveSafe Resources section with your organization’s staff directory/or chart, evacuation procedures, health and safety policies, links to relevant websites and internal portals, and more.